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Dec. 31st, 06 | 04:19 pm
mood: sleepysleepy

Only a few hours of 2006 left...for me, 2006 meant-

- I celebrated my 21st birthday, with my closest friends & family
- I had 3 jobs
- I got my first car
- I moved to a new apartment
- I saved money and organised my first overseas trip
- I volunteered and met some fun/interesting people along the way

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My little sister and I, at my 21st Birthday!

I am back in Melbourne now after spending Christmas in Horsham (grandparents) and home in Bendigo. I had to work this morning but the customers were in a good mood, wishing me a happy new year. The apartment is just feeling a bit empty at the moment, after spending so much time with family and friends!

Unfortunatley, I have to work tomorrow at 9am, although I am not too fussed. Tonight I will be having dinner in Lygon Street, then will enjoy the fireworks with my friends Simone & Francesca. Most of my friends are down in Point Lonsdale. I swear, next year I will organise to go to The Falls or Pyramid Rock. I have always wanted to go to Falls but I was either too young or didn't have money, or a car to organise it!

Anyway, I am ready for 2007...beginning with my trip to India.

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Apr. 19th, 03 | 06:03 pm

Friends only LiveJournal....

Please comment and ask to be added, before adding me!!!

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